Thursday, April 28, 2011

Heath Care Resources: SelectPlan for Women

What is it?
The SelectPlan for Women is a free, confidential plan that covers reproductive health services, birth control and family planning to women.

Do I qualify?
To qualify, women must be: income eligible; between the ages of 18-44; not pregnant or sterilized; Pennsylvania residents; US citizens (or people of satisfactory immigration status with identification); have no, or limited, health insurance. See the table below for income requirements.

Household Size                        Annual Income Limit                         Monthly Income Limit
         1                                             $20,147                                              $1,679
         2                                             $27,214                                              $2,268
         3                                             $34,281                                              $2,857
         4                                             $41,348                                              $3,446
         5                                             $48,415                                              $4,035
         6                                             $55,482                                              $4,624
         7                                             $62,549                                              $5,213
         8                                             $69,616                                              $5,802
Each Additional Person                  $7,067                                                 $589

How do I apply?
To apply, you can use the online COMPASS system, download the application from, or visit your local County Assistance Office (CAO).

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