Monday, November 8, 2010

Insurance Resources Series: SelectPlan for Women

2. SelectPlan for Women

What is it?
  • a free, confidential plan that covers reproductive health services, birth control and family planning to women
Do I qualify?

To qualify for SelectPlan, you must be:
  • A woman between the ages of 18-44
  • Not pregnant or sterilized
  • A Pennsylvania resident
  • A United States citizen or if not a citizen you need satisfactory immigration status and identification
  • Have no, or limited, health insurance
  • at or below these income requirements:

Do you have other insurance? You might still be eligible!

  • on adultBasic, or on the waiting list
  • if your child is on Medical Assistance or CHIP
  • still need coverage all your family planning needs and prescriptions
  • are afraid of a lack of confidentiality and fear for your safety if you don't keep it
How do I apply?
  • First, assemble these materials:
  1. proof of your income before taxes
  2. proof of identity and citizenship
  3. proof that you are a Pennsylvania resident
  • After that you can apply on the COMPASS site
  • Or by mail, print the application here and mail it in to:
    DPW - Central Unit 1401 N. 7th St.
    P.O. Box 2675
    Harrisburg, PA 17105-2675
  • Or in person at your County Assistance Office, listen in the County Help Chart in the back of this book

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